Britain’s Finest Entertain A Packed Out Crowd At Casino Arizona Showroom

Britain’s Finest took to the stage at Casino Arizona in The Showroom on June 2nd & 3rd in front of a packed out crowd both nights!

The Showroom at Casino Arizona, Scottsdale, Arizona is a cabaret-style entertainment venue that has seen some of the most popular performers from the world of jazz, country music, rock and popular music, as well as comedy, production reviews, dance and magic.

Britain’s Finest gathered at Magnatron Studio to press a 45 single!

Vinyl has never gone out of style, but recently music lovers and audiophiles have rediscovered the warmth and wide dynamic range that digital music has yet to duplicate. The band recordered “Twist and Shout” for the A Side, and “There’s a Place” on the B Side. Great music like this deserves a vinyl pressing to do it justice! Head over the Britain’s Finest Shop to buy your copy today!

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A Complete Beatles Experience Rocks the Nampa Civic Center

Celebrities and Stars ArticleFor our date night last night, my wife and I had a journey through the British Musical Invasion.

I am always skeptical when I hear that a tribute band is playing. I’ve seen so many that fall far short of any kind of holistic, worthwhile experience that does justice to the megaband they are recreating.   But Britain’s Finest put on an classy, entertaining and very memorable show at the Nampa, Idaho Civic Center.

Their style was tasteful and energetic. Britain’s Finest truly captured the spirit of the Beatles. The youthful camaraderie and enthusiasm of the Fab Four was presented with great attention to detail, a truly authentic and fun experience.

Britain’s Finest delivered a non-scripted show that captured the spontaneity, charm, wit, and youthful vibrance of The Beatles. Complete with fresh, energetic rawness and a video and slideshow backdrop of  historic footage from the 60s and 70s, I felt as if I was getting a glimpse of what one of their live performances must have been like.

Hailing from California, Britain’s finest produced well done recreations of those familiar songs the world has come to love. Off-the-cuff humor and the cheeky banter between songs came across poised and well-timed. Their costumes, accents, nonverbal behaviors and general demeanor showed a ton of preparation. The musicians “live” their characters.

The songs and costumes spanned the range from the Mop Top, Sgt. Pepper’s or the Abbey Road, to the Let It Be eras.The chemistry between the lads was apparent and and contagious. The  group left the audience both delighted and in awe of the evening that “brought back” four men from Liverpool.


The group interacted with the audience, took and played requests and invited us all to stand up and dance to “Twist and Shout,” Solos were offered for each of the four larger-than-life personas, John, Paul, George and Ringo. My favorite was the acoustic-only version of Lennon’s “Hide Your Love Away.” After the encore, of “Hey Jude,” the crowd gave the band a standing ovation.

Their well-played roles, with great resemblance to the Lads themselves, kept people smiling throughout the show. It was a  wonderful night filled with sing-alongs and joy. The appeal of the music, words, and vivid visuals can transcend all audiences and can speak to any age.

If you’re a Beatles fan who always wished you could have seen them, Britain’s Finest is the gig. If you’ve seen the real Beatles and want to relive the magic, then this show can help to transport you back to that wonderful moment in time.

“So let me introduce to you: The Act You’ve Known for All These Years … “