Jay Nixon – Paul McCartney

Jay Nixon is the newest member of Britain’s Finest. He was contacted seemingly out of
nowhere by Ruben Amaya in February of 2021 with an offer he simply couldn’t refuse to
emulate Sir Paul McCartney. Jay immediately began the journey of practicing harmonies with
Ruben via Zoom and learning bass left handed in preparation of his first show with the group in
August 2021.

Although Jay was born in 1997, he was fortunate enough to grow up having The Beatles in his as if he was a child of the 60’s. His Beatle-manical tendencies really came into fruition with The Beatles: Rock Band video game. Jay would go on to play the game both alongside with his friends and on his own for years until the plastic guitars wore out. Soon he would be inspired to learn on the actual instruments. Upon the release of The Beatles’ 2009 remasters, Jay obsessively began saving up to collect every CD he could find until he finally completed his collection of every entry in The Beatles’ British catalogue.

In his teenage years, Jay would enjoy seeing a few local Beatles tributes, Britain’s Finest being one of them! It was something that he always wished he could do one day, though he never thought it would happen. He was always most fond of those with a left-handed Paul in the group.

Jay additionally is a California State University Long Beach alumni with a Bachelor’s Degree in Math Education. You can see more from Jay with his Indie rock group The Extrangers where Jay additionally has written and co-written songs such as “I’ll Still Remember You”, “Shoehorn”, and “80” featured on the Hot 103.9FM Local Artist Spotlight. He hopes to continue his presence in Britain’s Finest and his passion for music.