Benny Chadwick – Paul McCartney

Benny, as he’s known to his friends, first heard the Beatles version of “Twist and Shout” in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” became obsessed with it, and was forever hooked on the Beatles music.

However, before then, he was hearing the Beatles music played in his house constantly by his mom. Let It Be (the album) was on regular rotation when his mother was in control of the record player. He had no idea who it was; he just knew the music called his attention.

When Benny was about 10, his mom showed him a couple of chords on the guitar and according to Benny, he “ran with it!” He wanted to have an instrument with which to sing along. In later years, he even brought his mom’s acoustic guitar to school and played during lunch from time to time for his friends (albeit very quietly since he was very self conscious). For Christmas when he was maybe 9 years old, his mom had bought him the Beatles 1962-1966 double album (hits). He assumed that was their entire catalog until later he happened upon a Beatles tribute band called Hard Day’s Night, who played the music of the Beatles chronologically.

That’s when he realized how amazing the Beatles were, and what a massive and recognizable collection of songs they were responsible for. He is an exceptionally gifted musician who can play practically anything he puts his mind to. Benjamin is a founding member of his original band, “New Maximum Donkey”; his single “Cherry” was number one in the Midwest for several weeks. Benny’s natural charm and voice was made to play Paul, and he has taken his role very seriously and learned to play left-handed. Before forming Britain’s Finest, Benjamin performed in several Beatle tribute bands including The Fab Four and Classical Mystery Tour.