Robert Bielma – George Harrison

Robert has been an avid Beatles fan as far back as he can remember. Years of listening to Beatles music made him realize he wanted to be a performing musician.

Music has been in his life all during school in junior high and high school band. Robert’s junior high band teacher was very influential in his musical career, as he was a standup bass player in an Army band during WWII and they played a lot of big band songs.

Then, in high school he decided to leave marching band to concentrate on his guitar playing. At the age of 16 he helped put together a Beatles tribute band in which he was persuaded to play the role of Paul McCartney. He stuck to bass and later played with many local original groups such as The Future Villains and the Power Cords.

In 2008, due to his resemblance to George Harrison, he was approached and asked to switch to lead guitar and join the Beatles Tribute circuit. His spot-on portrayal of the quiet Beatle has made him a fan favorite.

As a result, Robert has played with some of the top Beatles Tribute bands including the Fab Four and Rain, Robert is the band representative and also has a background in music theory and composition, as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Business, Management, Marketing and Related Support Services.