Ruben Amaya – John Lennon

Ruben is the newest member of Britain’s Finest, having started performing with the group in late 2014. Ruben has always been a John Lennon fan and enjoyed singing along to Lennon songs. Ruben comes from a background in theatre arts and is also a formally trained singer, having performed in numerous plays and live solo performances.

Ruben saw his first Britain’s Finest show at Knott’s Berry Farm in the summer of 2011 and became an instant Beatles megafan. After attending multiple Britain’s Finest shows, Ruben started his own tribute to The Beatles called “The Beat-Lives” deriving most of his inspiration for the show from Britain’s Finest — with his own creative flair of course.

After months of rehearsal, Ruben’s band mates expressed their disinterest in staying with the group, so he focused his energy on getting the music up to The Beatles standards. Robert Bielma, the “George” of Britain’s Finest, noticed Ruben’s determination and started sending him the proper research material. Eventually, Robert approached Ruben with the opportunity to work with the band as their permanent understudy for the role of “John Lennon.”

Ruben accepted the offer and remained an understudy for only a few months until becoming the show’s principle performer in the role of “John Lennon.” His role in the band does not end there; since joining, he has taken charge of their multimedia. He has also had the chance to use his skills as a voice actor by performing his hauntingly, uncanny impression of Beatles producer George Martin during the show and on the nationally syndicated radio show “Breakfast with the Beatles hosted by “Chris Carter.”

Ruben has proven to be one of the brightest up-and-coming “John Lennon”[s] in the tribute business and will no doubt thrive as a talented performer and artist.